Taste the difference.

California Churros are sold throughout Australia, at Theme parks and Tourist Attractions, Convention Centres, Sports Stadiums, Cinemas – School fetes, weekend stalls and markets.


  • High Profit Margin 200-300% plus mark-ups
  • No territory or expensive franchise agreements, sell them wherever and whenever you like.
  • There is no large capital outlay or start up costs with California Churros, no specialised cooking equipment or special ovens required
  • California Churros are pre-cooked for convenience, from freezer to warmer
  • Very staff friendly to prepare as well as delicious, tasty, convenient and appealing to all ages
  • Appealing smell and visual presentation


Heating instruction:

California Churros are pre-cooked and ready to eat, no cooking is necessary, they only have to be re-heated in any conventional oven, deep fryer or even in the display warmer itself.

To heat in a conventional oven, Pre-heat oven to 190 c and place the Churros in the oven between 8-9 minutes. Remove to a warmer and hold in a heated display case. As purchased remove from warmer and roll them in cinnamon sugar and serve.

(For best results microwave ovens are not recommended).

California Churros can remain fresh for up to 4 hours after warming.

Add Value:

Restaurants,  cafe’s and vendors add value to the California Churros by selling with add on’s such as dark or white dipping chocolate, or sauce or by adding them to a dessert menu served with ice cream or cream.

The perfect Menu Addition or dessert options at Mexican and Spanish restaurants.

Ice Cream parlours are selling them for a winter option and a add on to ice cream sales.

The California Churros staff and distribution team can assist with information on heating, retailing and merchandising tips and how to best present and sell the California Churros in your area.

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